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From Mehdi Abaakouk (sileht)

First step in my involvement in openstack

Due to a recent interest for the Openstack project, I have begun to test and to do some work around it.

I have started to setup a cluster of four nodes (1 proxy/volume and 3 computes) on Debian by following this guide (Or this one if you love Puppet and if you are in a hurry)

The next step was to dive into the code, to do so I have updated and created new Munin plugins for openstack .
This one can make beautiful graphs about many metrics of Openstack

After some tiny problems encountered with the Debian packaging, I have taken a look on it and started to fix some of them.
To have more chance to see my changes committed to upstream, I have followed some steps:
- Join the Alioth project teams
- Subscribe to the mailing list
- Clone the Debian git repository of Openstack
- Hack the package (And learn new stuffs about the Debian Policy)
- Commit my changes
- Contact one of the maintainers of the project on IRC for code reviewing

After my code has been reviewed by the upstream maintainer, it was successfully uploaded into the Debian archives.

The Openstack Debian packages now have some code from me :-)

All of this has been done thanks to the useful advises of the course I’m following: the upstream university.