Random things I work on

From Mehdi Abaakouk (sileht)

From the tetaneutral.net to a looking glass for bird

During one year of participation in the tetaneutral.net project, a French Associative Internet Service Provider and Host Provider, I have set up a mini cloud with ganeti (~100 virtual machines), I have integrated CheckMK for monitoring the ISP infrastructure and I have done some other system administration tasks.

Tetaneutral.net daily uses and promotes opensource softwares, this is why it uses Bird on its BGP router. So, I have begun to work on a Web Looking Glass for this BGP router: bird-lg.

The software is not ready yet for an easy setup, but it works fine.
The tool is now in production for tetaneutral.net at this address: http://lg.tetaneutral.net/

The main features are the classic “show route” and the bgpmap.
The technologies used are Flask, jQuery and Bootstrap.