Writing a Gnocchi storage driver for ceph

As presented by Julien Danjou, Gnocchi is designed to store metric metadata into an indexer (usually a SQL database) and store the metric measurements into another backend. The default backend creates timeseries using Carbonara (a pandas based library) and stores them into Swift.

The storage Gnocchi backend is pluggable, and not all deployments install Swift, so I have decided to write another backend, I have chosen Ceph because it’s close to Swift in the way we use it in Gnocchi and scale well when we have many objects stored too. Now, let’s see what I need to do to reach this goal.

Storage driver interface

The current metric storage driver interface to implement looks like this:

  • create_metric(metric, archive_policy)
  • add_measures(metric, measures)
  • get_measures(metric, from_timestamp=None, to_timestamp=None, aggregation=’mean’)
  • delete_metric(metric)
  • get_cross_metric_measures(metrics, from_timestamp=None, to_timestamp=None, aggregation=’mean’, needed_overlap=None)

Cool, not so many methods to ...

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