Create a smart debian repository with reprepro

reprepro is “a tool to manage a repository of Debian packages (.deb, .udeb, .dsc, …). It stores files either being injected manually or downloaded from some other repository (partially) mirrored into one pool/ hierarchy”

So my goal is ot have a local repository with:

  • a partial mirror of percona galera cluster
  • a partial mirror of dell openmanage (bah not opensource :( )
  • some packages from sid and squeeze (openssl and apt-cacher-ng)
  • some packages from my self

The directory of the repository will be in /var/www/debian/ to export it easly with a webserver.

Installation and configuration

Start to install the reprepro package and create the repository directories:

# apt-get install reprepro
# mkdir -p /var/www/debian/{conf,temp,incoming}
# cd /var/www/debian

Reprepro needs some configuration files:

  • conf/distributions to descibe the repository layout and the supported distributions and components
  • conf/updates to describe the list of upstream repository where reprepro can ...
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Adding schroot support to piuparts

For my work on the Openstack packages, I have decided to make some tests with piuparts. So I have installed piuparts, read the manual, and made my first test.
By default, piuparts uses deboostrap to make chroot environment for packages testing. Other methods are pbuilder or lvm snapshot.

But, I have a setup with schroot+aufs to test my Debian packages and piuparts doesn’t support it, then I will add it !

After digging into the code, making a first patch, I have contacted the upstream via the bug #530733 and followed some advise from my upstream-university curriculum.
Upstream review my code very quickly (thanks to it :-)). After some mail exchanges and code fixes, my patch is now upstream :)

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First step in my involvement in openstack

Due to a recent interest for the Openstack project, I have begun to test and to do some work around it.

I have started to setup a cluster of four nodes (1 proxy/volume and 3 computes) on Debian by following this guide (Or this one if you love Puppet and if you are in a hurry)

The next step was to dive into the code, to do so I have updated and created new Munin plugins for openstack .
This one can make beautiful graphs about many metrics of Openstack

After some tiny problems encountered with the Debian packaging, I have taken a look on it and started to fix some of them.
To have more chance to see my changes committed to upstream, I have followed some steps:
- Join the Alioth project teams
- Subscribe to the mailing list
- Clone the Debian git repository of Openstack
- Hack the package (And ...
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