Configuring CORS for Gnocchi and Keystone

/!\ Since mitaka, this article is obsolete, see Gnocchi documentation for updated information /!\

In some case Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) is required on some REST API to work with certain applications.

For example, if you want to use Grafana with the Gnocchi datasource, some setup are required on the Gnocchi and Keystone side to allow grafana UI to access to Gnocchi REST API.

All of this configuration have can be done easly since Liberty version of Openstack and was not yet supported in previous version (at least in this way).

Since Liberty, we can use the oslo.middleware CORS middleware without waiting it’s CORS integration into a Openstack application. In mitaka, Keystone and Gnocchi got CORS integration out of the box and the following modifications are no more needed.

Note that on my example, my Grafana server is http://my-grafana-ipdomain:3000.

On Keystone side

Add a new filter to the ...

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