Using a sharding/replicaSet mongodb with ceilometer

Ceilometer aims to deliver a unique point of contact to acquire all samples across all OpenStack components.

The most commonly used backend is mongodb, this is the only one which implements all ceilometer features.

Due to its nature, collecting many samples from multiple sources, the ceilometer database grows quickly.
For havana, to handle this we have:

I will focus on the second part with an example of mongodb architecture/setup to distribute the ceilometer data into different servers with two replicats of the data.

My setup


  • Three servers for the mongodb config servers and mongos routing servers (mongos[1,3])
  • Four servers for the mongodb data servers (two shard with two replicaset) (mongod[1,4])


  • Ubuntu Precise
  • Openstack havana-3
  • Mongodb 2.4 (from 10gen repository)

Openstack is installed on ...

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