First step in my involvement in openstack

Due to a recent interest for the Openstack project, I have begun to test and to do some work around it.

I have started to setup a cluster of four nodes (1 proxy/volume and 3 computes) on Debian by following this guide (Or this one if you love Puppet and if you are in a hurry)

The next step was to dive into the code, to do so I have updated and created new Munin plugins for openstack .
This one can make beautiful graphs about many metrics of Openstack

After some tiny problems encountered with the Debian packaging, I have taken a look on it and started to fix some of them.
To have more chance to see my changes committed to upstream, I have followed some steps:
- Join the Alioth project teams
- Subscribe to the mailing list
- Clone the Debian git repository of Openstack
- Hack the package (And ...
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