Galera and puppetlabs mysql module

Recently I have tested mysql galera on debian, here a quick description of the installation of galera with the puppetlabs-mysql This will allow to use galera for all applications that setup mysql with this module.

Start by add the percona repository of mysql galera

class mygalera_klass{

$local_ip = $ipaddress_eth0

# apt repository
apt::source { "galera_percona_repo":
    location          => ""
    release           => "squeeze",
    repos             => "percona",
    key               => "CD2EFD2A"
    include_src       => false,

We define what is the initial galera node and what are the other nodes in the galera ring:

$galera_nextserver = {
    "galera1.lan" => "",  # replace the empty string by $ipaddress_galera3 when all nodes are correclty setup
    "galera2.lan" => "$ipaddress_galera1",
    "galera3.lan" => "$ipaddress_galera2",
$galera_master = "galera1.lan"

Note: This part can be sexiest if puppetdb is used

Setup the mysql server class, it allow to change the package name of the mysql database

# mysql definifition
class { 'mysql::server':
  package_name => "percona-xtradb-cluster-server-5.5",
  config_hash => {
    bind_address  => $local_ip,
    root_password => "myrootpassword"
  require => Apt ...
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